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Case Reports – Diode Lasers


Dr. Frank W. Förster, Berlin, Germany

This treatment can be performed by these elexxion Dental Lasers:
claros® nano
claros® pico

Video: Laser-Bleaching

Imperative: PZR before Bleaching!

Cotton rolls and lip spreaders

Gingiva dam

Light curing of the gingiva dam

Stirring liquid (H2O2) and powder (TiO2)

Apply the mixed whitening gel

Irradiate each tooth for 30 sec, let it work for 6 min.

Removing gingiva dam

Final polish

Condition after 1 pass. Can be repeated 3 times if necessary.

Non-vital anterior tooth immediately before bleaching

Bleaching with OdoBleach

Non-vital anterior tooth immediately after bleaching