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of the elexxion AG

People need goals, dreams and visions. The dreamers and visionaries of today will own the world of tomorrow.

This quote is from an unknown author in the Middle Ages. With these dreams, Martin Klarenaar and Olaf Schäfer founded the company elexxion GmbH. The actual vision was to finally bring lasers to the market that allow dentists to offer their patients exceptionally pleasant treatments.

  • Low-pain to pain-free treatments, preferably without a syringe
  • Surgery without bleeding
  • Improved wound healing
  • Pain treatments
  • Selective hard tissue ablation
  • Effective yet non-invasive periodontal- and periimplantitis therapies
  • Good long-term results with as few recurrences as possible in periodontology and endodontics
  • From the very beginning, elexxion has relied on high-performance and high-peak-power pulsed technologies.
  • Today, we can say with pride that we belong to the world’s leading laser specialists.


  • 2002 Founding of elexxion GmbH
  • 2003 Set up of the company-own development- and production structures
  • 2004 Completion of the first successful diode laser elexxion claros for decontamination and
    soft tissue
  • 2004 Start of development of the hard tissue and combination laser elexxion delos
  • 2005 Move to the “dental academy” with the first transparent production in Radolfzell
  • 2006 Entrepreneur of the year 2006 by Ernst & Young
  • 2006 Stock market launch, listed in Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • 2007 Start of development of a PTT active ingredient “perio green”
  • 2008 elexxion minimally misses the turnover goal of 3 million euros
  • 2008 M. Klarenaar leaves the company and P. Liljenqvist becomes new CEO
  • 2010 Development of the small laser claros pico
  • 2013 Reappointment of M. Klarenaar to CEO
  • 2013 Development of the laser pico lite for activation of perio green
  • 2013 Start of the study on the PTT active ingredient at the University of Bonn
  • 2013 Market launch of perio green
  • 2015 Move to larger and more beautiful premises in Singen