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elexxion odobleach®

Professional Treatment Set Laser Power Bleaching

odobleach® is an in-office bleaching gel solely intended for treatment in a dental office.

It contains bleaching gel and activator in an auto-mixing 4:1 double syringe (cartridge). The hydrogen peroxide content in the mixed gel is 35 %.

  • Brightening of non-vital teeth
  • Brightening of pathologically discolored teeth as an alternative to a crown or veneer
  • Treatment of tooth discoloration caused by medication (e.g. tetracycline)

Set contents:

1 Double syringe odobleach® + 3 mixing tips
1 Gingiva protector + 3 application tips
1 After-bleaching care

With the following lasers can perfectly apply odobleach®:

  • elexxion pico lite
  • elexxion pico
  • elexxion nano
  • elexxion claros®
  • elexxion delos®